The most versatile and reliable swing door operator

The EM Entrematic EMSW is an electro-hydraulic operator designed for a wide variety of applications and is suitable for almost all types of external and internal swing doors. The operator can be mounted on either side of the door for pull or push action, and is available for single or double doors fitted with butt hinges or pivots.

For any retrofit, the EMSW can be taken from the box and be operational in minutes. With little training, your technical staff can administrate it and your choice of door supplier can install it. Reliability is a hallmark for the EMSW and the engineering know-how behind the operator allows it be fitted nearly everywhere and to perform well under a wide variety of conditions.

The EMSW is just as suitable for disabled access, nursing homes and hospital corridors – where the requirements are for flexible operation and reliability – as it is for department stores, banks, hotels etc. with high density traffic and difficult operating conditions.

World-class safety with fire door approval

The EMSW offers a high degree of safety. The operator can be combined with the full range of EM Entrematic safety sensors that will prevent the door from opening or closing on users or other obstructions. It has received certification for fire door approval from Swedish and German authorities. In the event of a power failure, the EMSW works as a door closer.

Easy installation for demanding environments

Installing the unit is easy and EM Entrematic offers regular training to all resellers to ensure high quality installations. High-use and demanding environments, like a school or an emergency entrance at a hospital, can both benefit from the EMSW. Its sturdy design holds up to rough treatment.


The EMSW is one of the most powerful swing door operators in the market, handling door leaves up to 250 Kg with 1600 mm width.

DFA Overhead swing drive


Suitable for many public areas but chiefly for applications inside buildings

Uses and benefits

The Record swinging door operator features refined technology, compact design and practically silent operation. The DFA 127 is Record’s first swing door operator that can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications


  • Can be used as automatic door control system to provide fire and smoke protection
  • Extendable with master-slave function (two overlapping door leaves)
  • Available in both FULL POWER or LOW ENERGY models
  • Operator also available as INVERS, FIRE and in-ground models

Case Study

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I have worked with Door System Installations Ltd for many years and have always found them to be efficient and helpful.  Their experience in the commercial and industrial fields has been invaluable in terms of knowledge and delivery.  They have a fast turnaround and are able to respond within 24 hours to almost any situation.

I would happily recommend them as friendly, efficient suppliers and installers of manual and automatic doors and operating systems.

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