Eagle One & Two

  • A digital uni- or bidirectional motion sensor controlled by an infrared remote control, for trouble-free opening of all types of automatic door (sliding, swinging, folding, revolving, curved, etc).
  • It can be adapted to every application without further accessories.
  • Mounting height up to 5 m with the Eagle HM range also available in uni- or bidirectional mode.

Microhead One & Two

A single control box in the door controller, two heads on the door controller... All the BEA Eagle experience in the smallest sensor ever. The MicroHead especially adapts to compact door controllers.

Push Plate

  • Robust and esthetic push plates range for the opening of all kind of automatic doors.
  • Can be radio-controlled with the optional pocket-size remote control unit (EAS RF Transmitter).
  • Really suited to the comfort of disabled people.
  • Simple opening by pushing on the plate.
  • No more cable nor groove in the wall needed when the PUSH PLATE is installed in its radio controlled version.
  • Bare plate or with handicap logo and/or "push to open" imprint.
  • Adequate box for either flush or surface mounting.
  • Stainless steel material for the push plates range available in square, round and jamb mount versions.
  • Weather ring to ensure watertightness.

Activ8 One


  • Microwave and active infrared combined in a single housing
  • Digital electronics


  • Motion for the unidirectional opening (detection of movements twoards the sensor)
  • Presence for a monitored safety thanks to a double curtain of 24 overlapping spots each which ensures a homegene and reliable detection


  • Made easier thanks to the factory pre-configurations
  • You only have to press one button of the remote control for an optimal setting of the sensor. The usual dip-switch is now in your hands!
  • With the BEA universal remote control to adjust both "radar" and "Infrared" parts of he sensor or with push-buttons


  • Vandalproof housing
  • Reduced size
  • Robust materials

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